What I believe And stand for

What I believe And stand for


What has always fulfilled me is the desire to make a difference in the world.

To make my contribution so that everyone can be who they are and live in a community that values this.

To create social systems where inclusion, tolerance and positive co-creation are standard.

I firmly believe that a fulfilling life is about living authentically and realising your full potential, driven by your purpose, making the world a better place and making a difference for others.

My story

In the realm of business and leadership, my journey is a tale of passion, dedication, and clear determination to make a difference.

From the outset, I firmly believed in the significance of talent, organization, and leadership for sustainable business success. These elements, I was convinced, make the crucial difference in the tough competition among companies. With this conviction in mind, I set out to revolutionize the landscape of the HR field.

For me, a robust HR organization was the key to success. I dreamt of an HR department that was not merely a supporting function but a strategic business partner and expert. Side by side with the company, in alignment with corporate strategy, always focused on innovation and forward-thinking.

With my strategic and innovative approach, I brought clarity, strength, and a genuine love for my work and the people I worked with. I believed that sustainable, appreciative, and trusting relationships were the true game-changers. My aspiration was to be a trusted advisor and strategic consultant for business leaders and executives, inspiring them through my own example and empowering them to reach new heights.

Throughout my illustrious career, I held influential positions in renowned organizations in the international business world. I led local and global HR teams of over 90 professionals, shaping and implementing advanced and agile HR organizations. My contributions to strategic initiatives supported the company’s continued growth strategy, leaving an indelible mark on its success.

But my impact extended far beyond the corporate realm. As an external lecturer and facilitator at prestigious institutions like FH Kufstein and Management Center Innsbruck, I shared my knowledge in Human Resource Management, Leadership, and Cross-Cultural Management. My passion for teaching and networking sparked inspiration in emerging professionals, shaping the future of the industry.

Not content to rest on my laurels, I ventured into the world of strategic consulting and coaching. Through my company, I became a trusted partner for organizations undergoing complex organizational transformations. My strategic insights and guidance helped businesses pioneer new territories, navigate restructurings, and evolve into stronger versions of themselves.


Sustainable impact .
The Kastner-method

Strategic solutions in line with the corporate strategy and identity in combination with focused, pragmatic implementation for sustainable economic success.

Connect . Depth . Authenticity . Passion

Going deep and operating from the core.
Honoring the unique identity of every person and organization as the basis for the success.
Acting from a place of strength and passion

Create . Purpose . Strategy . Clarity

Refocusing on the actual purpose – the WHY.
Establishing future oriented strategies that give guidance and safety.
Acting from a place of clarity.

Impact . Simplicity . Consistency . Power

Establishing simple and effective concepts and ideas that are easy to transfer to everyday life.
Consistent and constructive result-orientation following the purpose.
Acting from a place of power.

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