Experience the KASTNER-METHOD

Thanks to my extensive practical experience, I have a clear understanding of what it takes to successfully manage personal and business developments.

My proven process is structured into three phases – Connect, Create, Impact. These are designed to develop the most suitable solutions for your professional or business situation, based on your uniqueness, and to successfully implement them.

We always prioritize what uniquely suits you, enabling you to fully realize your authentic potential.

Curious about how it works?

Let’s get started right away. Please take a moment to answer the following questions:


What makes you unique and distinctive?

Does your company stand out in the market?

If you’re unsure, let’s embark on an amazing journey together to discover your personal and business identity. We will uncover the unique qualities that make you or your company special. Let’s connect deeply with your core values, strengths, and qualities that define your authentic identity.


What personal legacy do you want to leave?

What value does your company aim to create?

Have you not yet considered these questions, or are you unsure of what and where to focus? Then let us start an exciting journey of creation, building upon the ‘why’ or purpose to develop your strategic roadmap. Whether it’s for your personal career and development, or for the strategic direction and planning of your company.

Let us shape your future together.


Are you satisfied with your personal impact?

Is your company realizing its full potential?

Can’t answer these questions with a 100% YES? Then we should talk. Don’t leave any potential untapped and discover what it feels like to have true personal and corporate impact. Leave sustainable and powerful marks aligned with your goals.

How we can Create together

For over 20 years, I have been making individuals and organizations successful.

I guide them in discovering their uniqueness and transforming it into sustainable, entrepreneurial success.

The intensity and chosen methodology are tailored to meet individual needs, and the program is specifically designed.


In my individual coaching programs, I guide successful entrepreneurs and leaders on a transformative journey of self-reflection and personal growth. We explore fundamental questions such as “Who am I?”, “Where do I want to go?”, and “What do I need for my success?”

I empower individuals to unleash their authentic impact and realize their dreams.


With passion, I offer holistic perspectives and strategies.

By focusing on authenticity and corporate identity, a solid foundation is created. Then, derived from the company’s purpose or vision, goals and strategic development are defined. Finally, everything is seamlessly integrated into a cohesive whole.

This approach enables companies to authentically achieve their goals, foster growth, and powerfully differentiate themselves from other businesses.

Impactful Formats

Depending on the needs and topics, we choose the intensity of our collaboration.

This ranges from short-term On-the-Spot Sessions, designed to work on a specific issue in a focused and one-time manner, to long-term collaborative partnerships – my Evolution Programs.

Impactful Sessions

Impact Session .
Get the actionable solutions and insights you need in a concentrated session. We will work together for up to three hours on a focused collaborative basis.

Extended Impact Session .
In this half-day deep dive session, we develop more comprehensive strategies and approaches specifically tailored to your needs.

Full-Day Impact Session .
An intensive full-day workshop that allows you to deeply explore your issues and initiate lasting changes.

Impactful Evolution

Impactful Evolution . 3 months
You have the power to make profound changes and initiate new beginnings. This format is ideal for tackling specific, temporary challenges or for collaborative knowledge transfer on a specific topic.

Impactful Evolution. 6 months
This six-month partnership is the ideal time to evaluate your current status and create new strategies. We can also work continuously on your development, address focus topics specifically, and achieve significant progress.

Impactful Evolution. 12 months
If a simple kick-off and conception is not enough, we can do more. Do you want my support in the implementation as well? Then let’s work together long-term. A whole year of collaboration that will help you effect profound and lasting changes in your business and career.


All further details and specific agreements will be discussed individually and established by mutual consent.

You can find what is important to me in a collaboration and the basic rules I would like to agree upon with you here:  disclaimer