Impactful Solutions

Creating together . Impactful results .
Targeted, intensive programs

I have developed my Intensive Programs because I know the effectiveness of theme-specific, focused work.

These programs are modularly designed, allowing them to be adapted and expanded based on need and topic in terms of content, intensity, and duration.

We will work together over a specific period on a focus topic. Each program includes preparatory work as well as a follow-up or subsequent support, ensuring targeted and sustainable development.

My Intensives are the perfect retreat, whether you want a compact block or staggered over a longer period.

Discover . Shape . UnfoldĀ 



The modules in the “People” category are specifically designed to enhance individual skills and personal growth. You can choose from a variety of modules tailored to different aspects of personal development:

The GPOP (Golden Profiler of Personality) .
Get to know yourself better and discover how your preferences and personality patterns influence your behavior in professional and personal contexts.

The Authentic Style .
Discover your authentic style that reflects your true personality in your professional and personal presence.

The Enneagram .
Utilize this powerful tool to gain a holistic understanding of your identity and be even more effective.

The Impactful Career .
Let’s shape your professional career together based on your uniqueness and ambitions for your life.

The Impactful Leadership .
Develop leadership qualities based on authenticity and identity for sustainable success that suits you.


My modules in the area of Organization are specifically designed to support leaders and their organizations with modern and forward-looking solutions in Leadership, Talent, and Organization. Below is a selection of focus topics:

The Impactful Identity .
Develop a strong and coherent Corporate Identity that operates both internally and externally. This module helps you uncover the core of your company, which will guide all further strategies and actions.

The Impactful Strategy .
Strategic planning is the key to success. In this module, we work together to create a clear, actionable plan that is derived from your vision and mission and also considers strategic business and organizational development.

The People & Organization Blueprint .
This module focuses on examining your existing personnel and organizational model and developing possible scenarios for development.

Impactful Insights

Gain insight

New insights, new knowledge, new possibilities.

This format offers a quick overview and is ideal for briefly exploring a specific topic. It aims to provide fundamental insights and demonstrate practical solutions.

One Session

Impactful Essentials

Laying the foundation

Explore essential basics in compact form.

Here we focus on the fundamentals of a topic. We delve deeper into the subject matter to explore key concepts and strategies that are central to your development.

Two Sessions

Impactful Deep Dives

Go deep

Explore complex issues with in-depth expertise.

In this more comprehensive format, we take an in-depth look at the chosen topic. The focus is on the detailed elaboration of solutions and the development of in-depth strategies to effectively overcome complex challenges.

Three Sessions

Impactful Creations

Sustainable design

Design innovative solutions that set standards.

The most comprehensive program designed for the development and implementation of advanced concepts and projects. This program is ideal for initiating and supporting significant and sustainable change.

Six Sessions