Experience the KASTNER-METHOD

Step into the unique realm of the Kastner Method, a three-step process – Connect, Create, Impact – crafted to unfold your authentic potential. Through deep connections, we pave the way for creative solutions, culminating in impactful outcomes. With years of hands-on experience, I bring a nuanced understanding of what it takes to navigate personal and corporate evolution successfully.


Reflect on the essence that defines
you or your company in a sentence.

Recognize the unique qualities that
set you or your organization apart.

Embark on an intensive journey of self-discovery or organizational exploration, peeling back layers to reveal the essence that makes you or your company uniquely stand out. Connect deeply with the core values, strengths, and qualities that define your authentic identity.


Envision the legacy fueled by your personal or corporate aspirations

Engage in a dynamic exploration of your personal aspirations or your company’s vision, envisioning the legacy you passionately seek to create. As a Challenger, embrace the challenge to craft a future-oriented strategy aligned with your ambitions.


Assess the impact of your personal or corporate
endeavors and the influence they carry

Dive into the realm of personal or corporate impact, leveraging the roles of Creator and Visionary to establish simplicity, consistency, and power in alignment with your purpose, thus leaving a lasting mark.

How we can Create together

With an unwavering commitment to authentic impact, my coaching and advisory services are distinguished by an empowerment approach. I guide leaders and organizations towards self-sufficiency, ensuring they can autonomously navigate and excel in the realms of strategic business evolution and impactful leadership.


In my personalized coaching programs, I guide accomplished entrepreneurs and leaders on a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth. We navigate the fundamental questions of ‚Who am I?‘, ‚Where do I want to go?‘ and ‚What do I need to succeed?‘. I strengthen personalities to find their true authentic impact and fulfill their dreams.


With that passion I offer comprehensive insights and strategies. By emphasizing authenticity and corporate identity, we establish a solid foundation. We then define your goals, vision, and purpose through strategic business evolution. Finally, I seamlessly integrate everything to create a cohesive whole – modern people and organizational management. This approach empowers businesses to authentically achieve their objectives, foster growth, and stand out in their industry.


On-the-spot Impact

Quick Impact Session: €1000
Extended Impact Session: €2000
Full-Day Immersive Session: €3000

Enduring Impact Partnership:

Impactful Evolution – 3 months: €15000
Impactful Evolution – 6 months: €25000
Impactful Evolution – 12 months: €50000

Our Enduring Impact Partnerships are a tailored transformative journey towards your goals, ensuring flexibility and personalized guidance.

Payment terms: Please note that all prices are net, and any applicable taxes or fees are not included. They will be charged separately.

Mutual Agreement for Specifics: All further details and specific arrangements will be discussed and mutually agreed upon. Find more in my disclaimer.